Tony Cheng

Senior Staff Product Manager of Localization and Globalization at Warner Bros. Discovery

Program Manager, Team Leader

Pasadena, California, USA

I am so honored to be nominated amongst my exceptional industry peers. I want to first thank all those in my network who have graciously placed a vote for me. I am so happy that I have been able to make a difference enough to earn a place in such a well-respected publication.

Immigrating to the US in my teens from my native country of Taiwan, I have lived the classic immigrant struggle story with which I’m sure many of us can empathize. Having been a localization professional for over 20 years with the mission to help relieve others from the same struggle I had, I was fortunate to witness the evolution of localization technology and processes in various sectors, from subtitling/dubbing to games and software.

Most recently, I’ve had the opportunity to help localize HBO Max in more than 20 languages and am looking forward to leading the localization effort in Warner Bros. Discovery’s new streaming app Max to help bring our content catalog worldwide. In that capacity, I am especially grateful for my stellar colleagues Caroline Crushell and Balazs Valyon, who continue to support me as engineering partners. A special shout out also goes to Amy Ryan who leads localization strategy for HBO Max and for having the foresight to bring me on board to build the foundation of the localization platform that we will continue to leverage for future products.

I look forward to more opportunities to help remove any barriers caused by language, and am elated to continue evangelizing the importance of localization and help raise awareness of the benefits of localization to as many people as possible.



Tony is always evangelizing our localization team to the different groups of stakeholders that he meets. He goes out of his way to show them how they can operate more efficiently and ensure better quality.

Tony is a real l10n advocate!


By Amy Ryan

Tony excels at influencing by expanding the circle of people who care about globalization and localization. He has a gift for helping those who are new to the discipline quickly understand the basics and why doing it well is critical to their business, all without ever making anyone feel silly or stupid for asking beginner questions. He’s able to take years of experience in the localization field and channel that into developing the next wave of
localization champions.


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