Vidushi Kapoor

CEO at Process9 Technologies

CEO, Founder, Volunteer

Gurugram, India

I‘m thrilled to be recognized as an industry influencer by MultiLingual magazine. It’s an immense honor to have been nominated alongside so many stalwarts I look up to. To be nominated alongside my father — my ultimate hero — is an unmatched feeling.

Co-founding Process9 Technologies 10 years ago marked my serendipitous entry into this amazing industry, combining two of my passions: languages and problem solving. As a co-founder, everything is your responsibility, so you never get a chance to catch your breath! These 10 years have made me a student, teacher, developer, tester, translator, reviewer, project manager, seller, buyer, and so much more. It has helped me gain an understanding of so many amazing aspects of our industry, and there’s still so much left to learn. Especially today, as an AI-based tech company, the advancements of GenAI and its significant applications in localization and translation, make this a very exciting time to be in this space!

My involvement with Women in Localization (WL); the Confederation of Interpreting, Translation, and Localization Businesses (CITLoB); the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM); and FICCI-Indian Language Internet Alliance (FICCI-ILIA) have been rewarding ways of forging deeper connections with and giving back to the vibrant language and tech industry of India. Through these associations, I’ve also had the good fortune of meeting so many amazing professionals from our industry who have become mentors and friends along the way. They have all lent their unique perspectives and helped shape my understanding of the industry, and of life itself!

This recognition is also special to me, as it gives me an opportunity to bring the Indian language and language tech industries on a global stage. Our industry has been doing a lot of hard work and good work for a long time, and it’s time to bring focus to our achievements and our might.



Her personality and her eagerness to help tells me she is in the right place to do what she does best!!

Vidushi has always been fascinated by different languages and has the knack of picking up similarities and differences
between them.


By Madhu Sundaramurthy 

Vidushi is one of the smartest and most innovative people in the translation industry. Under her, the WL India Chapter has grown by leaps and bounds. Vidushi is always thinking about how to showcase the Indian language industry and has pioneered many automation initiatives that have given Indian language translation a boost and credibility in the global market. Her views on technology are futuristic, and she has an unwavering mindset that makes her agile and at the same time goal-driven.


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