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Barcelona, 30 September 2022 – Sergio Alasia and Marco Cevoli, technical translators, trainers and partners at Qabiria, published in September 2022 a new handbook aimed at freelance translators, editors and linguists, entitled Galateo per traduttori. Regole e segreti per un rapporto di successo con le agenzie di traduzione. It is a book for all translators interested in establishing more peaceful and lasting relationships with translation agencies.

Derived from an online video course launched in 2022 by Qabiria on the training platform managed by the European School of Translation in Rome, the book adapts and expands on the concepts covered in the video lessons. Galateo per traduttori, offers strategies and practical tips to learn how to deal with translation agencies and establish a constructive working relationship with them. By following the book’s guidelines, it is possible to establish a method to approach translation agencies and successfully pass their selection processes, but, above all, the reader will learn to show them that they possess the soft skills translation companies value most: organisation, time management, effective communication and conflict management.

Galateo per traduttori is currently available in Italian only as an ebook in EPUB and PDF format on the Qabiria store ( and also on Amazon ( as a Kindle ebook or as a print-on-demand paperback.

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Authors’ profiles

Sergio Alasia. Translator, localiser and project manager. Graduated with honours in Spanish Language in Turin, he spent a year in the Canary Islands, dedicating himself to teaching Italian as a foreign language. After graduating, he settled in Barcelona where he joined a multinational company specialising in technical documentation as a project manager. There, he coordinated the translations of more than one and a half million words per year. He translates from Spanish and English and has knowledge of Catalan, French, Portuguese and German. As a literary translator, he edited the translation and Italian edition of La stuoia di palma by Víctor Ramírez. In 2012, he and Marco published Guida completa a OmegaT. He currently runs Qabiria, the translation agency company specialising in website and smartphone app localisation that he founded with Marco in 2008.

Marco Cevoli. Translator, localiser and project manager. Author of several technical manuals, Guida completa a OmegaT (2012, with Sergio Alasia), The Irreplaceable Translator (2017) and Trovare tutto su internet (2019, with Alessandra Ghiazza). With a degree in languages and a master’s degree in multimedia design and production, he began his career as a freelance technical translator in 1997 and then held various positions at multinationals and small to medium-sized companies in the sector before founding Qabiria in 2008. In recent years, he has been
alternating translation with training activities. He spoke at several conferences and still collaborates with Italian and Spanish universities and training centres.

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