Opera teams up with Lingvanex for secure translation in 45+ languages

Opera for Android has recently partnered with Lingvanex to launch a new browser translation feature. With dozens of available languages and data confidentiality, the collaboration sets a new standard for accurate and secure in-browser translation. 

Why we need translation in browser  

The Internet is a global platform, with content created in a multitude of languages. With a translation feature in place, users can easily access content well beyond their native language. 

Opera users can now enjoy the addition of a privacy-conscious translation feature on their Android mobile browsers. Unlike other browsers that rely on third-party extensions, this built-in translation tool enables millions of users worldwide to view pages in their preferred languages — with guaranteed safety. Committed to user privacy and data protection, Opera chose to integrate a self-hosted translation engine from Lingvanex that supports 45+ languages. 

Built-in translation features are typically more user-friendly and seamless compared to third-party applications or extensions. Direct integration reduces the time and effort required by users to understand foreign language content. For those learning a new language, instant translation can serve as a valuable educational tool. 

Collaboration with Lingvanex  

In an era where data privacy is crucial, Opera’s choice to collaborate with Lingvanex is significant. Their translation solution works locally on Opera’s servers, so no data is being sent to any third parties. Moreover, all data is deleted from the servers as soon as the translation process is complete. Users can browse confidently, knowing their information remains private. 

Opera and Lingvanex share the same business values. It is important for both companies to provide users with a safe place to work and study, and make sure that nobody is collecting their data or sees what websites they visit and translate.  

Lingvanex has helped millions of users work with myriad languages without compromising security. Now, high-quality translation – of text, websites, and more – is available for everyone who wants to read multilingual content. It signifies a step towards a more accessible internet, providing opportunities for learning, engagement, and mutual global understanding. 

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