Reflecting AI-driven changes in the localization industry, TOFT International adapts services

TOFT International, a tech-conscious localization company based in Vilnius (Lithuania), is taking advantage of AI-driven progress and now includes consultancy services in their portfolio. Integrated with localization projects, the consultancy services are aimed at helping clients to achieve global readiness by setting a localization strategy based on a linguistic, cultural, socio-economical and technical point of view.

“Today, the localization industry is undergoing an essential transformation. We can no longer compete with MT in terms of the speed and quantity, and the most advanced NMT has been proven to achieve human parity in the nearest future (albeit language dependent). However, our approach remains positive: by delegating part of our everyday chores to technological processes, we can focus on sharpening our services and guiding our clients. As a result, we can provide strategic solutions which will help companies entering new markets by improving their global presence, and by establishing and managing the localization processes within their existing organizations,” said Agnė Vaičienė, co-founder and CEO of TOFT International.

Going global is a natural step in any brand’s development. However, localization still poses a big challenge for many businesses. The key reason for this is the lack of a strategic approach and global readiness, which can only be achieved through specific know-how and preparatory work.

Therefore, a localization consultancy service is an essential tool for businesses looking to expand their global reach. With the help of localization experts, companies can gain a better understanding of which markets they should focus on, which languages to add to their current portfolio and which technology is best suited for a specific localization project. 

Povilas Miknevičius, the co-founder and CSO of TOFT International shared his insights: “By assessing a client’s existing content and the potential demand for it in the target markets, we can identify the products or services that are most likely to resonate with certain demographics and which regions are most likely to yield the highest ROI. This strategic approach to localization ultimately enables our clients to set measurable KPIs for their brand’s global narrative.” 

TOFT International is a strong provider of localization services that has established clear translation and localization processes and ensures reliable collaborations between developers, designers, translators and project managers. The company exists to help companies communicate with their customers all over the world. For more information about TOFT International, please visit:


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