All you've ever wanted to

know about localization,

but were afraid to ask.

All you’ve ever wanted to

know about localization,

but were afraid to ask.


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Last time I was this anxious checking my mailbox, letters were still around. Now I can hardly wait for the next edition of ML to come. A fun read with tons of info.

Ewandro Magalhães

Chief Language Officer at KUDO

Multilingual is chock full of great content for both the localization professionals as well as those individuals just starting to figure out what it takes to Go Global!. It’s well worth the read!

Kathleen Bostick

Senior Localization Consultant

I've been a loyal reader of the magazine for years. Not only is its content interesting but the quality of their editions are outstanding as well. It's a must-read to keep up-to-date with industry news and developments!

Marina Ilari

CEO at Terra