Rubric Announces Strategic Leadership Transition: A Step Forward in Employee-Owned Localization

Rubric, a global localization partner, underwent a leadership transition in September 2023. Susannah Eccles is now the CEO, following the company’s move to employee-ownership last year. Former co-owners Françoise and Ian Henderson have transitioned into non-executive director roles, allowing the new leadership team to focus on technology and client relationships.

Rubric adopted an employee-ownership model in April 2022, allowing the company to prioritize long-term stability and preserve their unique approach to strategic localization. The Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) was established to effectively hand over control of the company to its employees, who are best equipped to drive its success. Research has shown that employee-owned companies tend to perform better, with higher levels of engagement, innovation, productivity, and sustainability.

As the new CEO, Susannah Eccles brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Rubric. She has been with the company for over 15 years, previously leading the operations team as Director of Operations. Her deep understanding of localization, combined with her strategic mindset, make her an ideal leader to steer Rubric forward into this new chapter.

What the new leadership means for clients

For Rubric’s employees, clients, and suppliers, the official change in leadership should mean business as usual. The change of leadership is simply a formalization of a transition process that has been happening since long before the move to employee-ownership.

Rubric’s former CEO and co-owner, Françoise Henderson, says, “Over the last 18 months, we have been stepping back from the business and we have had a detailed handover plan in place. In essence, there should be very little difference in day to day experience for clients and anyone in the company.”

Ian Henderson, former CTO and co-owner, adds ” The transition was initiated several years before the sales to the EOT. The new team has taken on the responsibility of running Rubric and the transition is more or less complete. As we are no longer in operational roles, our role on the board is largely that of non-executive directors. We are there when advice is sought.”

What the new CEO brings to the role

As the new CEO, Susannah Eccles brings over 25 years of experience in the localization industry to the role. As the Director of Operations, she has been a key player in Rubric’s growth and success over the past decade and perfectly positioned to lead the company into its next phase.

She says: “I will use my experience to help our clients step back and think how their localization processes can work effectively. We are dedicated to helping them get the most out of their localization efforts, by improving their processes through good use of technology and effective communication.”

With a career spanning various positions in project management, recruitment, and production, Eccles has developed a deep understanding of the localization industry and international markets. Her background in history and information systems have equipped her with a unique perspective, enabling her to see the bigger picture and effectively address complex client challenges.

With a continued focus on employee-ownership, Eccles is supported by a strong leadership team, including Program Managers Alicja Weikop and Julia Hill, picking up many aspects of the Director of Operations role. Other key members of the leadership team include Rebecca Metcalf as Rubric’s Global Content Business Analyst and Dominic Spurling as the IT Director.

As the company continues to grow and evolve, this leadership team is committed to maintaining Rubric’s reputation as a reliable and unique global leader in localization, while also fostering a positive and empowering workplace culture for its employees.

Looking towards the future

With the transition of leadership now formally complete, Rubric is poised for continued growth and client success. The employee-ownership model has strengthened the company’s commitment to providing high-quality localization services while prioritizing long-term stability and sustainability.

As a trailblazer in employee-owned localization, this strategic leadership transition is not just a step forward for Rubric but also for the entire localization industry. Rubric’s new leadership team, led by Susannah Eccles, is dedicated to driving the company forward, embracing innovation and technology, and ultimately, providing a better service for clients.


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