SeproTec announces the acquisition by Nazca Capital of a majority stake in SeproTec and its subsidiary SHIP Global IP, promoting the companies’ technological development and international growth

  • Nazca is associating with the CEO, Juan Julián León, and the Corporate  General Manager, Fernando Ruiz de Assín, who will spearhead the growth plan  and continue the international expansion of both companies. 

SeproTec Multilingual Solutions announces that the private equity firm Nazca Capital has become the majority shareholder in the  multinational language services provider, as well as in SHIP Global IP, SeproTec’s  subsidiary specialized in industrial and intellectual property management services.  The terms of the transaction, which was concluded on 14 September, 2021,  including the share acquired by Nazca, the sale price and the valuation, have not  been made public. 

Leading Spanish private equity firm Nazca Capital has acquired a majority stake in  SeproTec, a technological company specialized in multilingual services, and SHIP  Global IP, which is specialized in the provision of industrial property management  services through a software platform. Alongside Nazca, Juan Julián León (CEO and  founder) and Fernando Ruiz de Assín (Corporate General Manager) have also  reinvested in both companies and will continue leading their development. 

Both SeproTec and SHIP Global IP have experienced high growth, doubling their  joint turnover over the last 3 years, with an estimated 2021 EBITDA of 7 million euros.  This growth is based on the scalability of the business.  

The management board of both companies have drawn up an ambitious growth  plan that includes the possibility of acquisitions to accelerate the growth and  technological development of them both in the highly active markets in which  they do business. Juan Julián León and Fernando Ruiz de Assín have identified  Nazca as the partner best placed to support the implementation of this plan in the  long term. The firm will contribute its experience in developing international growth  projects and with IT service companies. 

Carlos Pérez de Jáuregui, a NAZCA partner, remarked “Our investment in SeproTec  and SHIP Global IP is a great opportunity to participate in the technological  transformation and growth happening in the industrial property and translation  services sector. We are very enthused and feel certain that, with the support of a  great team led by Juan Julián and the company already positioned in high added-value niches, the project will be a success.

For his part, Juan Julián León, Chief Executive Officer and shareholder in SeproTec  and SHIP Global IP, stated that “Nazca’s investment in SeproTec and SHIP Global IP  is a major milestone in the history of both companies. Having Nazca as majority  shareholder is a great opportunity to lead the technological change and growth  that is happening in the industrial and intellectual property and translation  markets.“ 

Juan Julián León

“Both the Intellectual Property and Language sectors are experiencing rapid  technological evolution, and we firmly believe that we have a vital part to play in  that technological development. Here at SeproTec & Ship we are determined to  play a major role in this so that we continue to innovate and lead the markets in  which we operate,” Juan Julián León commented.  

AZ Capital, PwC, Roland Berger and DLA Piper have provided consulting services  to Nazca in this deal, while KPMG and Garrigues provided consulting to SeproTec  and SHIP Global IP. 

About SeproTec 

SeproTec Multilingual Solutions is a Multilingual Service Provider ranked among the Top 30 Language Service  Companies in the world. With more than 30 years of experience in providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions  in translation and interpretation, SeproTec distinguishes itself by utilizing the most advanced technology and  translation management technology, specifically designed to maximize customer satisfaction. SeproTec is  proud to have achieved certifications for international Corporate Social Responsibility, Quality Control, and  Environmental Management (UNE-EN ISO 17100, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001). SeproTec has more than  385 employees and 11,500 freelancers collaborators within Dedicated Account Teams that provide 24/7  coverage for our clients’ multilingual needs wherever in the world they may be. 

For additional information on SeproTec, visit us at, follow us on Linkedin at SeproTec Multilingual Solutions or on twitter @SeproTec, or like us on Facebook at SeproTec. 

SHIP Global IP  

SHIP Global IP is an Intellectual Property portfolio management company with the goal of bridging the gap  between Inside Counsel and the services they procure. Utilizing a comprehensive network of qualified Foreign  Firms, in conjunction with SHIP’s in-house licensed IP paralegals, we help companies centralize and  consolidate their activity and budgets in relation to patent and trademark life cycles, through a proprietary  cloud-based tool specifically designed for IP processes. 

About Nazca  

Nazca is a private capital management firm specialized in the Spanish middle market. Nazca leads its market  segment both in transaction volume and in return on investments. Since 2001 Nazca has totally invested Funds  I, II and III, valued at 100 million, 150 million and 230 million euros respectively, having concluded 80  transactions: 36 direct investments in companies, 22 additional acquisitions of companies from their  subsidiaries and 22 disinvestments. 

Currently it is simultaneously managing the Nazca IV Fund, worth 300 million euros, and the Nazca V Fund,  worth 150 million euros, to invest in small businesses. Both funds are backed by domestic and international  institutional investors. Nazca has a portfolio including 14 Spanish companies: FoodBox (Catering),  Distribuciones Juan Luna (Food), Phibo (Dental Implants and Prosthetics), Herbex (Fresh Aromatic Herbs),  Terratest (Special Foundations and Tunnels), Diater (Biopharmaceuticals), One Shot Hotels (Hotels), Cinelux  (Audiovisual Equipment Rental), IDP (BIM-based Engineering Services), Filmin (VOD Platform), Eurocebollas  (Food), Laboratorios Almond (Vegan and Ecological Food), Zunibal (Fishing Technology) and Nutris  (Nutraceutical Ingredients and Gummy Vitamins). For more information, visit

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