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Learning without borders: Argos Multilingual and Moodle US sign partnership

Argos Multilingual, a leading provider of language solutions, today announced that it has signed a partnership with Moodle US, the largest provider of Moodle services in the US.

Argos Multilingual Launches AI-driven Translation Memory Cleaning Service

Argos Multilingual, a leader in the global language solutions market, has announced the development of an AI-driven service for cleaning translation memory (TM) data. This new service promises faster time-to-market results and lower costs for clients managing sizeable multilingual assets.

Argos Multilingual and Lokalise Extend Language Technology Partnership

There are already a significant number of organizations that use the Lokalise platform while Argos provides them with language solutions. This new partnership will enable collaboration and process optimization for these clients, and will also allow Argos to advise clients and recommend Lokalise where it’s the best fit.

Argos Multilingual Announces Acquisition of Venga Global

Argos Multilingual, a Krakow-based language service provider (LSP), announced on October 21, that it has acquired Venga Global, a San Francisco-based LSP with roots...

Friday Roundup | Sep 4, 2020

CoPTIC distributes completed information on AB 2257 Following the recent passing of California’s AB 2257 bill, Lorena Ortiz Schneider of The Coalition of Practicing Translators...