Next-Level Elearning: AI Chatbot Revolutionizes Academic Communication and Learning Processes

In cooperation with leading Latvian universities and businesses, language technology company Tilde has developed a unique AI chatbot Digne for enhancing the university course ‘Civil Protection’....

HelpUkraineBot ready to answer questions on Latvia’s support to Ukraine

The Latvian artificial intelligence and language processing company Tilde has created a virtual assistant HelpUkraineBot, providing information on giving and receiving assistance to Ukrainian people in...

Latvia’s linguistic journey

Tourism is popular the world over, and Latvia is no exception. Once, at a resort in Whistler, British Columbia, I was surprised to meet a trainer with AirBaltic, the flag-carrying airline of Latvia. The trainer told me that when AirBaltic started flying in 1995, its flight attendants only knew Latvian and Russian.