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Can AI translate an unwritten language? Meta thinks so.

Currently, Meta’s speech-to-speech translator only allows users to translate one sentence at a time, however the company stated that its progress in other unsupervised learning projects could help refine the technology.

Meta fails to localize Horizon Worlds before launching in Spain and...

Meta received some harsh words from frustrated Spanish speakers after a shaky international rollout of its game Horizon Worlds.

How will Meta manage its multilingual experience?

For a product designed to unite the world in work and play, how will Meta handle localization and intercultural interactions? MultiLingual has covered the benefits and pitfalls of social media localization extensively. How much more involved will the translation of an entire virtual platform be?

Facebook goes “meta,” internet has a field day

Meanwhile, Portuguese-speaking internet users got to have a laugh over the fact that “meta” is the imperative form of a verb with the colloquial meaning “to have intercourse.”