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Heavy Lifting From the Backseat

Heavy Lifting From the Backseat

We all know them: those tireless, selfless, “word nerd” warriors whose fingerprints are all over the subtitles on the films we watch, the brochures at our doctors’ offices, and the commercials advertising in-demand products — the profits of which they will never properly share in. Bridget Hylak calls for greater appreciation of these hard-working professionals, many of them women.

HeliCo Global Launches New Website

We invite you to explore our new website and discover how our interpretation and translation services can transform the way you communicate.

The Secret to Effective Translation

Many companies continue to miss the mark when it comes to the translation of their content. Whether the translation is too literal or just not engaging in the other language, businesses are left scratching their heads as to why they can't fully "tap into" the markets of other languages.

Introducing Doc3™, the Free CAT Tool for Professional Translators

SEPTEMBER 5th, 2023, TOKYO: idioma Co., Ltd, Tokyo-based technical translation company with 40+ years of experience, launched Doc3™, a new powerful CAT tool for...