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Tetyana Struk: LSP work during wartime

At the beginning of this month, Tetyana Struk sent her husband off to war with a heartbreaking post on social media. In between bomb alarms, she made time for us to tell us what it is like to manage a localization firm from war torn Ukraine.

The Russian Z: from military identifier to pro-war symbol

All language uses symbols for representation and classification, just like names. But these symbols' meaning can rapidly evolve, and the Russian Z launched during the invasion of Ukraine is a perfect example of such dynamic language significance.

ASTW launches campaign to support Ukraine

With the campaign "1 for all, all for Ukraine" ASTW SPECIALISED TRANSLATION invites all Language Service Providers and in general all language professionals to donate 1% of their monthly turnover to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Working in a warzone: LSP manager Maria Malykhina shares her story

MultiLingual reached out to Ukrainian LocLunch ambassador and Localization Production Manager Maria Malykhina to see how she was doing and how we could help. 

Russian government threatens to block Russian Wikipedia for information on war...

The Russian government has threatened to ban the Russian-language Wikipedia site for its inclusion of “illegally distributed information” about the ongoing war in Ukraine...

MultiLingual hosts conversation with Ukrainian interpreter Kateryna Rietz-Rakul

Ukrainian-German interpreter Kateryna Rietz-Rakul went viral on social media after breaking into tears while translating a press conference by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

German interpreter breaks into tears while interpreting for Zelensky

In a press conference given by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky today, the Ukrainian-German interpreter couldn’t help but break into tears on live TV at the end of the president’s speech. 

Russia allows companies extra time to adhere to new localization law

Last summer, the government of Russia adopted a law requiring certain large tech companies to adopt a wide-reaching localization protocol. While the law officially went into place on Jan. 1, the country recently announced that it would be lenient in imposing any penalties during the early days of 2022, in order to accommodate companies that have yet to implement the law’s requirements. 

TRANSLIT Announces Expansion into Russia

The Ireland-based language services provider (LSP) TRANSLIT has announced that the company will be expanding its reach to Russia, a move which has been...

Russia Orders Translation of Vital Records

Any registry records in Russia dating back to 1926 will be included in the translation of vital records, particularly from Arabic, Tatar, and Old...

Moscow Translation Club Transforms to Russian Association of Translation Companies

The Moscow Translation Club has evolved into the Russian Association of Translation Companies — the localization industry's newest association. The Russian Association of Translation Companies...