Sundar Pichai

With Gemini Launch, Google Overtakes OpenAI in Multimodal AI Race

Google’s AI research lab, DeepMind, introduced a new group of models called Gemini that outperforms the best OpenAI models when evaluated on standard benchmark datasets — including those for automatic speech recognition and translation.

Google unveils generative AI tools at developer conference

Since 2016, Google’s been primarily focused on artificial intelligence (AI) research and development. And that R&D appears to be paying off, if Wednesday’s Google...

New competition for ChatGPT? Google announces Bard and other AI advancements

Move over, ChatGPT — there’s a new generative AI tool in town.

Could Google’s AR glasses break language barriers?

Earlier this month, Google gave the public a sneak peek at its latest piece of translation technology: a pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses that translates spoken language in real time.