team management

From Five to Thrive

D’Amato shares what happened when Italian LSP Creative Words implemented a four-day workweek last year. Read about the effects on productivity, overtime, stress levels, and customer satisfaction. Hint: It’s all good.

Giving the Next Generation of Localizers a Chance

Industry veteran Carrie Fischer asks the question, “Why are we insisting on hiring people with at least three to five years of localization experience for positions that don’t necessarily require it?” She posits that welcoming bright and hardworking people with different experience, whether they are recent grads or career transitioners, can make a positive impact on the industry.

The State of Hiring and Retaining Talent

Everybody already knows that language services providers (LSPs) are growing rapidly, and like many industries today, there are more job openings in the localization industry than there are qualified people to fill them. We recently heard that there are two jobs for every unemployed person in the US. That alone carries a pretty big wow factor. Now, if only all those unemployed people had localization skills: production, engineering, sales. They’re needed everywhere.