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Translators, interpreters rally for employment status in Department of Labor hearing

Dozens of independent contractors, including translators and interpreters, turned out today for a U.S. Department of Labor Zoom forum over proposed rule changes to employment regulations. 

Macron trips up translators

The controversy started when President Macron used the verb “emmerder” in an interview with Le Parisien. He was quoted as saying: “J’ai très envie d’emmerder les non-vaccinés,” voicing his intent to make the lives of the non-vaccinated difficult.

Featuring translators into the new year

Translation, of course, is the life blood of global commerce and what we do. We acknowledge it, but don't always actually feature translators when we talk about globalization. However, Move the World with Words, a coffee table book featuring translators from around the world is out from Smartling, and I like that they've chosen to showcase these linguists in their brand strategy both online and offline.