writing systems

Learning Multiple Languages: Good. Learning Multiple Scripts: Better?

A linguist studying a newly developed script in Africa noticed that people’s willingness to learn it depended on whether they grew up monoscriptal — using only one writing system — or polyscriptal. Tim Brookes ponders the reasons for this difference and asks for perspectives from readers.

The Ambassadors

Brookes uses two examples of health crises while traveling to illustrate the need for high-quality translation services in hospitals around the world. While encouraging developers to make hospital-specific apps, Brookes also argues that only real language professionals can provide the initiative and compassion that is so valuable when a person’s health is on the line.

The trials and tribulations of digitizing Urdu, the 10th most spoken language in the world

Because Nastalīq has been so challenging to adapt to a digital format, many Urdu speakers have taken to using Naskh, which is written along straight horizontal lines, or even using a non-standardized form of the language that uses Latin script.