Travod CEO Steve Higgins Appointed New ATC Chair

Travod International, a leading provider of language services, is proud to announce that its CEO, Steve Higgins, has been appointed as the new Chair of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC). In September 2024, Steve Higgins will succeed Ruth Partington, who has led the association for two terms, driving change and shaping the ATC into the influential organization it is today.

As the incoming Chair, Steve Higgins brings over a decade of experience in the translation and localisation industry, along with a strong background in leadership and change management. His vision for the ATC’s strategy builds upon the achievements of the former Chair Ruth Partington, CEO Raisa McNab, and the council members, aiming to increase membership and enhance the association’s influence and resources to better support its members.

ATC Chief Executive Officer, Raisa McNab“I’m absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Steve more closely, and to make the ATC an even stronger trade association for the UK’s language services sector. Steve brings with him a wealth of expertise and knowledge of the language services business, but even more importantly, he brings his dedication and drive to raise the profile and the standards in our industry, and to continue to foster an open, collaborative community culture.”

“I am honoured to take on this role and lead the ATC during a time of rapid change in our industry,” said Higgins“My goal is to help our members adapt and thrive in the face of economic challenges, technological advancements, and the impact of AI on the language services market. By increasing our membership and influence, we can provide enhanced benefits, access to expertise, training, and development opportunities to support our members’ success.”

“I understand the difficulties our members face, from shrinking supply chains to lower demand for human translation,” Steve Higgins added. “By engaging with our membership, listening to their stories, and providing the help, guidance, and support they need, we can navigate these challenges together. Events like THRIVE 2024 will be crucial in adding value, providing training, and fostering conversations with our valued members.”

The ATC’s Chair plays a vital role in representing the association to members, external stakeholders, and at various engagements, positioning the ATC as an authority on language services and its members as credible, quality-driven partners. Higgins’ appointment comes at a critical time for the industry, and his leadership will be instrumental in guiding the ATC and its members through the challenges ahead.

About Travod

Travod is a global provider of expert language services and agile technology solutions for businesses worldwide. Providing culturally localised content, Travod offers a full range of translation services in 190+ languages. Our international team of 130 in-house employees and over 5,000 specialist linguists work together to provide a bespoke service for more than 6,000 organisations and brands. Travod is fully ISO 9001, ISO 17100, ISO 18587, and ISO 27001 certified, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to the highest standards of quality in the translation industry. Travod is part of Mondia Technologies Group. For further insights, please visit:

About Association of Translation Companies (ATC)

The Association of Translation Companies (ATC) is the leading professional body representing the interests of translation companies for over four decades. With a commitment to upholding the highest industry standards whilst supporting its members’ growth and success in the competitive global market, the ATC has established itself as a forward-thinking organisation at the forefront of the language services sector. As a founding member of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC), the ATC plays a crucial role in shaping the industry landscape across Europe.

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