WPML opens up free access to seamless WordPress translations with Translation Hub

WPML, the leading multilingual plugin for translating WordPress websites, recently unveiled a new tool for the translation community: Translation Hub.

Designed to simplify the process of translating WordPress website content, this free and user-friendly platform makes it easy for translators to integrate with WordPress sites and translate content without any technical hassles. In addition, translations will return automatically to WordPress, without the need for any manual work.

Translation Hub is an opportunity for the global translators’ community to embrace an innovative approach to managing their translation work more efficiently. The platform comes equipped with an array of powerful translation tools at no additional cost to the translator. These include an intuitive online editor, access to machine translations, translation memory, an in-built spellchecker and glossary, as well as XLIFF file support for translators using their own CAT tools.

WordPress sites make up a significant portion of business websites on the internet, which means that almost every translator will encounter the challenge of translating WordPress content. Translation Hub manages all the technical aspects of the translation process, such as gaining access to the WordPress admin, identifying translatable content, and managing different WordPress themes and plugins. This frees translators from the worry of what to translate, what to leave untouched, or inadvertently causing site issues.

Signing up to Translation Hub is straightforward for translators. Post sign-up, they provide their client with a unique token to be set on the client’s site. Once the token is set, clients can use the WPML plugin to send content directly for translation.

“We’ve developed Translation Hub to address the needs of many small translation services, helping businesses go global. Translation Hub will simplify work for the translation services, their clients and even WPML team. This way, everyone can focus on what they do best, instead of dealing with mundane technical work,” said Amir Helzer, WPML founder.

WPML’s Translation Hub is readily available for sign-up at no cost for translation services.

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