Diving into the depths of localization – XTM Insights has arrived

XTM Insights is a new thought-leadership content series published by XTM. It looks at different issues which affect the localization industry and proposes solutions, improvements, or simply ways to make localization programs better and more efficient for professionals.

The series focuses in particular on the impact localization technology has across all areas of a localization program but also gives top tips on how to make localization programs more effective and cost-efficient through the use of different tools, approaches, and strategies. 

Each article provides the reader with a series of key insights or takeaways, and complete guidance on how to take their localization program to the next level. Some of the more popular topics covered include:

How the choice of technology can make or break a localization program 

The choice of localization technology is the most critical decision taken in localization programs. Your choice of technology needs to be made with a long-term approach and strategy in mind since it will not only impact your program right now but also in the future. Technological features that are a commodity today will surely become a necessity in the near future, which is why this decision needs to be made with as much information at hand as possible.

Which technologies are better suited to apply continuous localization

Change is the only constant in the localization industry, which is why certain methodologies and technologies are better-suited than others to seamlessly adapt to this change on the fly. Agile methodologies and efficient technology enable continuous localization, an approach that helps you deliver multilingual content on a regular basis. This approach is key if companies want to keep their content fresh and up to date at all times, which is why it’s vital to pair the right methodology and technology, and understand what to leverage to make this process as quick and cost-efficient as possible.

Which features to look out for when choosing your technology stack

The market offers a wide range of localization technology solutions, but very few of them can offer all the key features. Scalability, vendor-neutrality, seamless connectivity options and customizable workflows are all features that your technology should provide, and having a solution that encompasses as many of these as possible will help you drive up your loc-tech maturity level. The first step in your localization journey is realizing that you require a technology stack that can accommodate both your present and future needs. Perhaps more crucial is acknowledging that technology is not merely an additional component of your program but rather a necessary step on the road to attaining your localization objectives.

In the coming weeks, we’ll also be addressing how technology is vital to protect your brand, the positive impact of centralized language assets and the cost-efficiency benefits of vendor-neutral technology. If you’d like to learn more hot localization tips and advice, you can catch a new XTM Insights every week on XTM’s blog here.


Aleix Gwilliam
Aleix Gwilliam is a writer and translator based in the Netherlands and has worked in the localization industry for over ten years. He is currently a content writer at XTM International and specializes in localization technology and the evolution it is driving.

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