2021 State of Localization Survey

SPONSORED: The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the world into disarray, uprooting the way companies and employees operate on a daily basis. The localization industry has seen the effects of these changes, as many companies are moving workflows online and are looking to expand globally with localization.

This shift has caused leaders within the industry to rethink budgets, workflows, timelines, and more. As a result, the localization industry is facing new challenges that haven’t been seen before.

To find out more about these unprecedented changes and challenges, Lilt, the world’s leading AI-powered language services provider, is launching its 2021 State of Localization survey (research.net/r/survey21). This survey aims to gather more data and detailed information to help localization teams effectively plan for what, for many companies, has become a more uncertain future.

Lilt was founded in 2015 to help make the world’s information accessible to everyone, regardless of where they live or what language they speak. To do this, we streamline the localization process to provide translation services to customers worldwide.

In our recently launched survey, respondents will be asked a series of questions to better understand localization trends, best practices, and the most important priorities for leaders at companies of all sizes and industries. The seven-minute survey will be used to publish a report sharing the research findings, trends, and help guide localization decisions for 2021 and beyond. Take the survey here: research.net/r/survey21.

As a localization services provider, we work closely with our customers to better understand their needs and how we can help simplify their localization efforts. But we also want to better provide the localization community at-large with the insights and services they need to grow.

We’re looking forward to sharing the results of the survey over the coming months. Qualified survey respondents will receive a $5 gift card and will be entered for a chance to win our $1,000 grand prize. The survey runs until March 31, 2021, so get started today!


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