Acolad and Alphanumeric: a patient-centric partnership

Acolad Life Sciences has partnered with Alphanumeric to support life sciences companies with  global communication needs, including over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) for global contact  centers.  

This is a move that aims at furthering the companies’ joint commitment in bringing the highest quality of service to the life sciences industry, by helping pharma and medtech companies to better reach and communicate with patients and health care professionals, in all languages. 

The Acolad-Alphanumeric partnership will enable pharma, health tech and medtech  companies to streamline the engagement process for their contact center programs, including  Medical Info Contact and Fulfillment Centers, Consumer Med Info, Vaccine Support, Clinical  Support, and or Adverse Event reporting and allow them to provide a truly global call center  support model, covering all languages. 

“We are proud to have established long-term partnerships with the world’s largest pharma,  biotech and medtech companies across EMEA, APAC, and the Americas,” says Gina Wilson, Head of Acolad Life Sciences.”Our partnership with Alphanumeric strengthens our  commitment to the highest quality of service for life sciences.” 

“As a company, we’re thrilled to partner with Acolad and provide better patient experiences.  We know that this will lead us in the right direction towards improving our service delivery  while also meeting customer needs at every step of their journey!” added Randy Trice, CEO of  Alphanumeric Systems. 

As part of the Acolad group, which ranks as one of the world’s Top 10 LSPs, Acolad Life  Sciences is a leader in its own right in the global content space, providing a full suite of  solutions and services that support the development, production, localization and international marketing of medicinal products and medical devices, all in full compliance  with the regulatory demands of national and international health authorities worldwide. 

As for Alphanumeric Systems, the company has been providing contact center, digital  transformation, and technical services support with the goal of improving customer  engagement, and overall satisfaction, and build a more aware, empowered, and engaged  customer. 


Acolad Life Sciences 

Acolad Life Sciences is the business unit of Acolad that specializes in certified language solutions for  Pharma, Medical devices, MedTech and Clinical Research Organizations. Supported by the unmatched  expertise of its medical translators and technology-driven language solutions, Acolad Life Sciences  partners with its clients through every stage of product development – from clinical trials to post-market  surveillance – acting in compliance with industry best practices and regulatory requirements of national  and international health authorities worldwide. www.acolad/lifesciences

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