Amanda Newton appointed to lead RWS’s Strategic Solutions Group

RWS, a unique, world-leading provider of technology-enabled language, content and intellectual property services, today announces that Amanda Newton will lead the company’s recently formed Strategic Solutions Group (SSG) as Executive Vice President.
Amanda will hold responsibility for the SSG’s growth, client relationships and delivery, and for developing propositions and new solutions that enable clients to reach their customers in any language, or device they choose.
The SSG, part of RWS’s Language Services division, works closely with major accounts, and clients of all sizes who are going global with specialized localization services. These services cover the entire localization spectrum, from translating content, media and audio to creating engaging eLearning programs and transcreating highly impactful marketing campaigns. The SSG works closely with RWS’s Language eXperience Delivery (LXD) platform, which includes 2,000 in-house linguists, and a network of more than 29,000 translators, who use RWS’s proprietary machine translation, AI and translation productivity tools, to deliver a 24/7 service to clients.
“Companies looking to expand on the global stage need a partner that has a deep, nuanced understanding of each market,” explains Ian El-Mokadem, CEO of RWS. “Amanda’s relentless focus on the client, together with her understanding of their challenges and operational experience, provides the support and guidance clients need when entering new markets and geographies.”
The appointment demonstrates RWS’s commitment to leveraging its global reach and scale by giving clients access to a worldwide network of linguists that, through a blend of people and technology, will help any business engage with customers in any market.
“Going global is easier said than done,” explains Amanda Newton, EVP of RWS’s Strategic Solutions Group. “It requires an extensive local knowledge of cultures, people, and traditions – and if businesses get it wrong, their customers don’t easily forget. Our global linguists and project managers, located across 169 countries, offer an unrivalled level of knowledge and experience that can guide clients through the complexities involved in reaching new audiences.”
Amanda has more than 20 years’ experience in the localization industry, starting as a translation project manager in 2000 and later becoming global VP of a project management office. Her operational experience in some of the most demanding environments, and proven history in maintaining long-term client relationships, enable her to develop highly effective strategies for companies looking to go global.

About RWS

RWS Holdings plc is a unique, world-leading provider of technology-enabled language, content and intellectual property services. Through content transformation and multilingual data analysis, our unique combination of technology and cultural expertise helps our clients to grow by ensuring they are understood anywhere, in any language.Our purpose is unlocking global understanding. By combining cultural understanding, client understanding and technical understanding, our services and technology assist our clients to acquire and retain customers, deliver engaging user experiences, maintain compliance and gain actionable insights into their data and content.Our clients include 90 of the world’s top 100 brands, the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and 19 of the top 20 patent filers. Our client base spans Europe, Asia Pacific, and North and South America. We work in the automotive, chemical, financial, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, technology and telecommunications sectors, which we serve from 80+ global locations across five continents.

Founded in 1958, RWS is headquartered in the UK and publicly listed on AIM, the London Stock Exchange regulated market (RWS.L).

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