Argos Multilingual Launches the Inaugural State of AI in Localization Report

Argos Multilingual, a global content solutions market leader, has launched its flagship research publication, the “Beyond the Hype: State of AI in Localization in 2024” report. This publication is the latest result of Argos’ efforts to offer world-class tech-centric advisory to its clients. It aligns with the company’s commitment to expand its services via value-added, AI-powered solutions.

The State of AI in Localization report aims to help companies poised to expand their global footprint by answering the following key question: Where and how can localization teams start harnessing the transformative power of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI to create memorable user experiences for global audiences?

“So far, there has been little qualitative research into the realities and experiences of companies that are breaking new ground and expanding the limits of what can be achieved with AI in localization. Being able to share these findings with the larger public is essential to the industry leveraging AI,” commented Alexander Ulichnowski, CEO at Argos Multilingual.

“Now that the dust has settled after the initial hype following the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI, many are questioning how global businesses are building on the early promise of AI. While sensational headlines tend to grab our attention, there is a lack of practical research that can fill the gaps in knowledge of localization professionals tasked with deploying AI in production scenarios,” added Gabriel Karandysovsky, industry researcher and report author.

Highlights from Argos’ Beyond the Hype: State of AI in Localization report:

  • While AI primarily boosts productivity across the organization, forward-looking enterprises are already exploring its significant potential as a tool for inclusivity, opening access to a company’s products and services to a larger, multilingual, and multicultural audience.
  • Localization can help propel company-wide AI strategy onward. Localization professionals are the subject matter experts who can provide guardrails for the safe, ethical, and equitable use of AI for the global company.
  • AI has tremendous potential, but it also has well-defined limitations. The capabilities of AI technology will inevitably improve. However, in the meantime, localization teams are at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of how AI can be leveraged for the benefit of the global audience while simultaneously defining how AI applications of the future can look.

Download the full Beyond the Hype: State of AI in Localization in 2024 report here:

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