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In today’s globalized business landscape, effective communication across language barriers is crucial. Language service providers (LSPs) play an important role in breaking down those barriers —  but sometimes, even LSPs need a little bit of help in getting their mission accomplished. That’s where business process outsourcing (BPO) services can come in handy.

Having started out as an LSP, Bilingual knows the unique challenges LSPs face in the domain of customer service and other business processes. This makes them uniquely well-equipped to provide BPO solutions to other LSPs, and as a result, Bilingual has emerged as a trusted partner for companies seeking comprehensive BPO solutions, from call center outsourcing to virtual front desk services.

The Bilingual Story

Bilingual’s journey begins with its founders, David and Rebeca Mego. The duo cut their teeth as interpreters in the mining industry before eventually launching Bilingual in 2010. Drawing from their experience in interpreting, Bilingual began as a provider of translation and interpreting services, but soon expanded into the domain of BPO, drawing on David’s experience in the field of outsourcing.

Over the years, Bilingual has evolved and capitalized on its pool of talented resources to diversify its offerings — from its inception as a translation and on-site interpreting company, the company now offers a wide range of language services and BPO solutions. Today, the company stands at the forefront of the language service industry, particularly in Latin America, where they have offices in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, with headquarters in Miami and a newly opened office in Sydney, Australia. 

In the 13 years that Bilingual has been operating, the company has grown into a globally distributed team of more than 500 employees (plus, an extended talent network of 1500 employees and professionals who work with the company on a freelance or contracting basis). Thanks to the company’s large base of language experts and BPO specialists, Bilingual is able to handle a diverse range of projects and can deliver services in more than 150 different languages.

What’s more is that despite all of the challenges brought on during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bilingual experienced an impressive 150% growth during the pandemic. This growth trend is expected to continue this year, showcasing the company’s resilience and adaptability, and Bilingual recently hit a major milestone with its induction into the Inc 5000, a list ranking the world’s fastest-growing companies.

Bringing A Human Touch Amid Technological Advancements

Bilingual takes pride in adding a personalized touch to every project, distinguishing itself from its competitors. Regardless of the size of the company they’re working with, Bilingual offers the same level of intensity and dedication to all clients. 

From large corporations to small boutique firms, they provide tailored BPO and language solutions that cater to each company’s highly specific needs. Thanks to the company’s flexible approach, Bilingual is able to establish long-lasting partnerships with each of its clients.

While technology plays a vital role in driving efficiency, Bilingual emphasizes the importance of a human-driven approach. They believe that technology should enhance human capabilities — not replace them. The company’s commitment to preserving this human touch sets them apart from competitors who often rely solely on automated processes. Clients working with Bilingual can be confident in receiving services that combine the best of both worlds: cutting-edge technology and skilled human expertise.

Bilingual’s clients choose them not only for their unquestionable quality but also for their unwavering commitment to delivering on promises. Additionally, Bilingual offers flexibility and a comprehensive range of 360-degree solutions.

Bilingual’s journey from its humble beginnings to its current position as a reputable provider of BPO solutions is a testament to their dedication, innovation, and commitment to quality. As the company continues to grow, Bilingual is poised to redefine the BPO industry’s standards for excellence, setting the benchmark for comprehensive BPO and language solutions worldwide.

Are you looking for a BPO or language solution? Contact Bilingual today at +1 (888) 722-5570 or visit their website here to learn more about the services they offer.

Bilingual offers a wide range of language services and BPO solutions.


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