Language Service Providers (LSP)

Translators Remain Unsung Heroes in the Global Success of Video Games

Video game translators were never meant to be ghostwriters. Diego Perez argues that the significant amount of uncredited work not only hinders translators’ bargaining power, but also undermines their moral rights as creators of derivative work.

Multilingual Success: Leveraging Multiple Translation Vendors

While having one translation partner may seem convenient, utilizing several providers offers significant advantages that translate into higher-quality multilingual content, better pricing, reduced turnaround times, and minimized business risks.

A Two-Sided Industry

Bridget Hylak reflects on the reasons for the deep divisions in the language industry — providing context, perspectives, and examples from both sides — and encourages linguists and technology experts to reconcile.

Regaining Common Ground in the Language Service Industry

Ana Sofia Correia discusses the challenges and expectations of both sides of the language services coin — agencies and freelancers — suggesting ways to ease tension and calling for increased understanding of the roles each party plays in the industry.

What Lies Beyond the Language Barrier for Language Service Providers?

What Lies Beyond the Language Barrier for Language Service Providers? BY RODRIGO FUENTES CORRADI The argument Language service providers (LSPs), custodians of the language industry, must quickly...

Bilingual: Providing BPO services to LSPs everywhere

In today's globalized business landscape, effective communication across language barriers is crucial. Language service providers (LSPs) play an important role in breaking down those...

Henrik Kühnemann joins Translator Scandinavia as management team member and IT and Production Manager

To help our customers with tomorrow’s solutions today, we welcome Henrik Kühnemann as our new IT and Production Manager. Henrik is joining the Translation...

Acolad welcomes Daniel Gray as new US Sales VP

Industry veteran Daniel Gray will head business development, sales and account management teams in the United States to power the group’s continued growth...

The number of language service providers in the world

How many language service providers (LSPs) are there in the world? In some ways, this question is similar to asking how many grains of sand there are (though maybe not quite as speculative as that). This is for two main reasons. For one, it depends on how you define what an LSP is.