BLEND Releases Shopify App, Providing Store Translation in 120+ Languages

BLEND Localization, a leading end-to-end localization platform for global brands, today announced the launch of its BLEND Store Translation app, which is now available through the Shopify App Store. Designed for Shopify merchants looking to serve diverse global audiences and expand into overseas markets, the app provides a selection of over 120 languages for translations into accurate, authentic, and custom content through a mix of artificial intelligence capabilities and professional human translators. 

The Shopify App Store is a dedicated hub for the e-commerce platform, used to power over 4.4 million websites across global markets. Through the BLEND app, merchants can access a full suite of localization services and tools to translate everything from webpages and catalogs to product descriptions, videos, and more. 

The BLEND Store Translation app is easy to activate, through the creation of a BLEND account and standard authentication requirements. It is a no-code add-on and does not require further development to pre-existing or new stores. Store content automatically synchronizes with the app, and store owners can localize specific selections or undergo a full 360-degree translation process. In addition, merchants can choose relevant types of services, language pairs, and methods that include advanced machine translation (MT) and human translation and editing services. 

App features include:

  • Language options: E-commerce localization services in +120 languages
  • Content ownership: Translated content belongs to the store owner for good
  • Machine learning capabilities: Access to advanced MT engines (neural MT)
  • Human translation services: BLEND’s global community of language experts at arm’s reach
  • SEO best practices: Local experts will optimize content to adhere to online standards to support reach and ranking efforts
  • Auto-save functionality: Translated content will automatically save and is available to access at any time
  • Review and editing: Content review and editing access at any time
  • Connect and discover: Direct communications with translators (briefs, feedback, and ongoing updates)
  • In-app budget management: The ability to track, manage, and top-up your localization budget
  • Accuracy and availability: Guaranteed 100% accuracy with 24/7 availability

“When it comes to online shopping, most of us prefer to buy from trusted brands that speak our language and know our taste, and that’s why localization is such an essential success factor. Most translation apps offer a simple Google Translate — but it’s not the right way to compete with other local brands. Through our Shopify app and all-in-one localization platform, we’re committed to making localization for online shopping, and every digital touchpoint, as seamless as possible for brands to expand beyond their domestic borders,” said Yair Tal, CEO of BLEND. “Our solution is widely used among top-tier e-commerce brands that have achieved over 10% uplift in conversion rates.”

E-commerce companies can access BLEND’s Shopify app at this link, and interested merchants are encouraged to contact BLEND directly for a Shopify integration walkthrough and platform demo.

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