Boostlingo acquires Interpreter Intelligence and VoiceBoxer

Austin, TX —March 23, 2022— Boostlingo announced it has acquired Interpreter Intelligence, a leader in interpretation management technology, and VoiceBoxer, which offers remote simultaneous interpreting, or RSI.

The combination of Boostlingo, Interpreter Intelligence and VoiceBoxer will fuel innovation, and provide a broader and even better experience for customers. With these transactions, Boostlingo becomes a one stop shop for customers to schedule interpreting in whatever format is most convenient for them — whether that is in person, video, phone, or remote simultaneous interpretation. Additionally, language service providers will now be able to offer these wide-ranging interpretation options through Boost’s on-demand interpretation delivery, management and scheduling products.

“Interpreter Intelligence and VoiceBoxer are dedicated to providing better language access and improved global communication, just as we are at Boostlingo,” said Bryan Forrester, CEO of Boostlingo. “The acquisitions of Interpreter Intelligence and VoiceBoxer will allow us to meet the growing demand for interpretation solutions in whatever format the customer chooses.”

Interpreter Intelligence’s platform processes more bookings and invoices than any other in the language service industry. It also provides solutions for video and phone interpretation with on-demand options.

“We are thrilled to join the Boostlingo team. They have worked hard to transform the interpretation industry, just like us,” said Conor Power, co-founder and CEO of Interpreter Intelligence. “This transaction is great news for our employees and our customers. Boostlingo shares our philosophy and vision, and we are excited to help expand their industry-leading solutions.”
VoiceBoxer is the first of its kind simultaneous interpretation delivery platform (SIDP) which allows for real-time interpretation for remote and hybrid events. VoiceBoxer also maintains a large partner network to provide RSI interpreter resources.
“This acquisition is an important step for our company and for the interpretation technology market as a whole,” said VoiceBoxer Founder and CEO Sergio Llorian. “Joining forces with Boostlingo will allow us to accelerate the adoption of RSI across Boostlingo’s global customer base.”

The companies’ two founders — Conor Power of Interpreter Intelligence, and Sergio Llorian of VoiceBoxer — will remain with Boostlingo in senior roles. Power will serve as Vice President of Engineering. Llorian will serve as President of EMEA and RSI.
Boostlingo is the leader in on-demand interpretation, virtual interpretation, and interpretation management technology. The company helps customers save time, decrease costs, enhance language access for more communities, and make interpretation easy to use. Boostlingo has now expanded its reach even further with the acquisition of Interpreter Intelligence and VoiceBoxer.

About Boostlingo
Boostlingo is a language software and technology company based in Austin, TX. Boostlingo is focused on defining and developing the next generation of interpretation technology solutions. Our mission is to connect people across the globe and break down communication barriers.
We deliver multilingual communication access via interpretation delivery and interpretation management software applications. At Boostlingo, our vision is to provide technologies enabling seamless and ubiquitous access to language support services.
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Dieter Runge – VP Marketing & Global Business Development
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About Interpreter Intelligence
Interpreter Intelligence, a San Francisco based software company, provides the most thoroughly conceived and flexible platform for interpreter service delivery, and backend business management. It is used by the largest language service providers in the world, and hundreds of other organizations across the US, Canada and the UK. Interpreter Intelligence is the right platform if you want a reliable, configurable and complete platform to run and grow your business. Interpreter Intelligence has been providing solutions to the language service industry since 2011 and offers the most comprehensive and flexible solution on the market, servicing both enterprise and small to medium sized organizations equally.
For more information, please visit

Conor Power — VP of Engineering

About VoiceBoxer

VoiceBoxer is based out of Copenhagen, Denmark and is the first of its kind simultaneous interpretation delivery platform. They serve some of the largest organizations in the world with remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) solutions for meetings, conferences, and webinars. Founded in 2013 by Sergio Llorian, VoiceBoxer allows events to be completely multilingual, including chat and presentation translation features that keep participants engaged in their language of choice. Additionally, VoiceBoxer partners with language service providers all over the world to maintain an RSI Interpreter resource bank to staff events held on the VoiceBoxer platform.

Contact: Sergio Llorian, President of EMEA and RSI

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