Boostlingo adds Boostlingo Integration for Zoom

Boostlingo, a San Francisco, California-based provider of SAAS-based interpreting technology solutions for global language access, has just announced its addition to the Zoom App Marketplace as of March 31. Boostlingo will be the first in-meeting live language interpreting software application to be included in the Zoom App Marketplace, and will offer both organizational and individual account support.

The Boostlingo platform offers support in over 300 spoken word languages and multiple sign languages, and this language support and connectivity can now be made accessible to Zoom users everywhere. “Boostlingo’s mission has always been to change the way language interpreting services are delivered,” said Bryan Forrester, co-founder and CEO of Boostlingo. 

With this release, Boostlingo explained, interpreters receive interpretation requests like they normally do and will be automatically joined into a Zoom session as a meeting participant. Professional interpreters across the globe can now be added to Zoom meetings at any time, and agencies can use their own interpreters or leverage the Boostlingo Professional Interpreter Network of over 8,000 certified remote interpreting professionals. The release also offers full back-end reporting — at the conclusion of the Zoom Meeting, Boostlingo will have captured all the same call data that a regular Boostlingo interpreting session would have collected, such as call start times, call durations, interpreter information, and call quality ratings.

“We are excited to bring this comprehensive Zoom integration capability to organizations requiring professional language access and support,” said Brian D’Agostino, co-founder and VP of products at Boostlingo. “For companies who rely on Zoom for their video conferencing needs and agencies that use Boostlingo to manage their interpreting business, this represents another important step forward in on-demand language and communication ubiquity.”

The past year has seen a surge in video remote interpreting, which seems likely to stick around even as things return to normal and in-person interpreting services become more of a possibility again. For example, video remote interpreting platform KUDO just announced it closed $21 million in series A funding.





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