Bureau Works Promotes Campaign for International Translation Day

Initiative Aims to Highlight the Significance of Translators in Global Communication

Bureau Works is proud to announce a special campaign in honor of International Translation Day, celebrated on September 30th, a day that coincides with the feast day of St. Jerome, recognized as the translator of the Bible and the patron saint of translators.

This month-long campaign, which began in September and will continue through the International Translation Day, focuses on various aspects of translation and language. It includes:

  • Paying homage to fictional characters known for their exceptional language skills.
  • Celebrating Deaf culture and Sign Language.
  • Weekly features on contemporary influential translators.
  • Spotlights on significant historical translators.
  • Exploring what translators love most about their work.

Additionally, as part of this initiative, Bureau Works is offering a special discount on their cutting-edge translation software, BWX.

The campaign’s primary objective is to recognize the pivotal role that translators play in global communication, enabling the effective transfer of information and ideas across diverse cultures and languages. Often, their work goes unnoticed or is underestimated.

“Translators and interpreters are the unsung heroes of global communication,” says Rodrigo Demétrio, Head of Marketing at Bureau Works. “Their dedication and skill bridge linguistic gaps, fostering understanding and collaboration worldwide.”

By dedicating a day to celebrate and emphasize the importance of translators and interpreters, this campaign seeks to enhance public recognition of these professionals and raise awareness about the complexity and significance of translation and interpretation in our increasingly globalized world.

To access all campaign content, please visit the company’s official LinkedIn page: Bureau


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