Corsican language given a boost with launch on app with worldwide reach.

People around the world can now say ‘salute’ (hello) to learning Corsican on the handy uTalk app.

The UK-based language learning company uTalk has just launched the language on its bestselling app so that speakers of more than 100 languages can learn keywords and phrases in Corsican from their own language.

Corsican, also called ‘corsu’ in Corsican and ‘langue corse’ in French, has been spoken on Corsica since the Roman era but is now classed as ‘definitely endangered’ by UNESCO.

Native Corsican speaker Stéphane Bassani – who recorded the male voice for the app – says the app is a great addition to existing efforts to rejuvenate the language.

Stéphane says: “The Corsican language is a hugely important part of the island’s heritage and culture and efforts to rejuvenate it are really making a difference.

“Having the language added to the uTalk app is an important boost for the language because it makes it quick, easy, and fun for beginners worldwide to get started in Corsican,” he adds.

The app, which works on most smartphones, tablets and computers, includes:

  • Around 2,500 words and phrases which are divided up into 60+ themes or topics such as Social Phrases, Technology, and Food and Drink.
  • The chance to record and compare your own pronunciation with native speakers.
  • Five fun games that test you on what you’ve learned and give points for correct answers.
  • Pictures linked to every word or phrase which help boost your memory.

The uTalk app can also:

  • Be used offline, just download the content first when you have internet access.
  • Let you swap your learning from one device to another – eg from your phone to your computer – and it will sync your scores across your devices whenever you log in and connect to the internet.
  • be used by speakers of more than 100 different languages. It works by automatically defaulting to the language of your device but you can learn from another language by going to ‘Application Language’ in the app settings.

uTalk CEO and Founder Richard Howeson says: “We are passionate about supporting minority and vulnerable languages and are particularly pleased to have added the historic Corsican language to our uTalk app.

“The app is ideal for people with Corsican heritage wanting to re-connect with their roots and for anyone visiting Corsica wanting to respect the local culture,” he adds.

Interested in trying out uTalk Corsican? Just go to and download the app and select Free Starter Words in Corsican.

uTalk is an education company with 30 years’ experience of helping more than 30 million people worldwide learn languages, see

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