CSA Ranks Acolad #1 in Western Europe

Acolad remains the #1 Language Service Provider (LSP) in Western Europe according to CSA Research’s flagship report, The Top 100 Language Service Providers: 2024. This achievement is a result of Acolad’s commitment to excellence in the ever-evolving content and language services industry.

In addition to this, Acolad has also secured the #10 spot in the global rankings of the top 100 LSPs, highlighting the group’s reach and leadership well beyond Europe – especially in North America, where it has been investing steadily to expand its footprint.

As one of the few European-born LSPs to lead on the global stage, Acolad considers the recognition by one of the most respected institutions in content and language services space, an honor that comes at a pivotal time. 

“The content and language services sector are undergoing significant changes, driven by the rise of GenAI-powered technology”, says Bertrand Gstalder, Acolad’s CEO. “Amidst these transformations, Acolad’s ability to stay ahead of the curve and maintain its leadership is proof of our dedication and forward-thinking approach.”

Recently, when interviewed by CSA for its mid-year instalment of the highly anticipated CEO Insights, Gstalder elaborated on how Acolad is keeping ahead of competition and facing the challenges of the post-localization era and the impact of GenAI.

According to Acolad’s CEO, adaptability – which was until recently ailed as the key to success – is no longer enough. “A true global footprint and the resources, partnerships, and capacity to deliver the technology are a must-have,” said Gstalder

Acolad’s proactive initiatives, including transformative partnerships with major technology players, new connectivity solutions and pioneering R&D endeavors by Acolad Labs experts, reinforce its leadership in navigating the complexities of the content and language services landscape, solidifying its role as an industry trailblazer poised for sustained success.

About Acolad 

Acolad is the global leader in content and language solutions. Its mission is to support companies in every industry to scale across markets and enable growth through cutting-edge technology and localization expertise. Established in 1993, the group is present in 23 countries across Europe, North America, and Asia, with over 1.800 employees supported by a network of +20.000 linguists around the world.  www.acolad.com 

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