Eurotrad announces major restructuring and new key roles

Eurotrad Srl, a renowned agency founded by Andrea Catani with extensive experience in the language and translation solutions industry, announces a major corporate restructuring that represents a momentous stride towards the company’s future. This strategic overhaul includes the appointment of new executives and the placement of highly skilled professionals in key roles.

Andreza Pavani, a steadfast partner of Eurotrad, assumes the role of co-CEO, cementing her enduring commitment, profound industry expertise, and strategic foresight as invaluable assets for the growth and progress of the Urbino-based agency.

Maria Pia Mulazzani, a distinguished member of the Eurotrad Srl team for several years, steps into the position of Head of Operations. With her exceptional proficiency in business operations management and comprehensive understanding of internal processes, she will steer the company towards enhanced operational efficiency and an elevated overall experience for all business partners engaged with the agency.

Eurotrad warmly welcomes Benedetta Sandroni as Community Manager. With her contagious enthusiasm and experience in cultivating and nurturing relationships within the vibrant community of translators and industry professionals, Benedetta’s presence is a crucial step towards delivering an even higher quality of service.

Furthermore, the agency is delighted to embrace Mattia Farinelli as Marketing Specialist. Leveraging his expertise in digital marketing and branding strategies, Mattia will spearhead the development and execution of impactful marketing campaigns to strengthen Eurotrad’s visibility and bolster its brand reputation.

This corporate restructuring signifies a significant milestone for Eurotrad Srl, building upon the impressive trajectory of growth the company has embarked upon. The combination of talent, experience, and unwavering dedication within the entire agency team will propel the company towards newfound triumphs in the language solutions market.

About Eurotrad

Established in 1995 in Urbino, Eurotrad Srl is a seasoned agency specialising in language and translation solutions. With a customer-focused approach rooted in Italian excellence, Eurotrad offers high-quality services to a diverse range of customers worldwide. The company collaborates with over 600 global businesses, boasts a team of over 400 translators and specialists, and provides support for more than 150 language combinations.


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