Eurotrad Celebrates Young Illustrators

Eurotrad honored the art world with the establishment of the “Eurotrad for Illustration” award in 2022. This initiative was conceived by Andreza Pavani, Co-CEO and business partner of Eurotrad, a reputable language translation and mediation company based in Urbino for nearly three decades.

The competition seeks to inspire and empower young artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their creativity through original techniques and unique perspectives. 

The contest took place from May 5 through 7, as part of the “Urbino e le Città del Libro” Festival. Eurotrad invited young illustrators from local art schools (Urbino, Pesaro, and Fano), as well as former students of these institutions, to explore the theme “In Lost Places” using any technique, including digital art.

The festival came to a close on May 7 with the announcement of the winner of the “Eurotrad for Illustration” prize: Federico Attardo, with his captivating artwork entitled “What Remains.”

During the event, Andreza Pavani extended her heartfelt gratitude to everyone who entered the contest. “I urge you to keep your eyes open, observe your surroundings, and never stop learning. Stay curious about new developments that emerge in the world and in your lives. Whenever you feel scared, find the strength to overcome it and forge ahead. Life is a series of challenges —embrace them. You will emerge stronger and more fulfilled.”

About Eurotrad

Established in 1995 in Urbino, Eurotrad Srl is a seasoned agency specialising in language and translation solutions. With a customer-focused approach rooted in Italian excellence, Eurotrad offers high-quality services to a diverse range of customers worldwide. The company collaborates with over 600 global businesses, boasts a team of over 400 translators and specialists, and provides support for more than 150 language combinations.

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