Facebook and Google: new translation tools free to the masses

Facebook’s recent announcement that it is releasing a new translation tool free of charge to other websites has caught the attention of such media giants as the New York Times. Scooped by the Times once again!

The announcement of a free translation tool based on Facebook’s own methods comes as a bit of a surprise on the heels of the hubbub over Facebook’s patent application over its method of crowdsourced translation (which you can read a bit more about in the upcoming issue of MultiLingual magazine… too bad this latest notice arrived just prior to going to print). To top it all off, Google announced it also is offering a free crowdsourcing method to translate websites. Quick thinking, Google.

What this means in the long run remains to be seen, of course.

Katie Botkin
Katie Botkin, Editor-in-Chief at MultiLingual, has a background in linguistics and journalism. She began publishing "multilingual" newsletters at the age of 15, and went on to invest her college and post-graduate career in language learning, teaching and writing. She has extensive experience with niche American microcultures across the political spectrum.

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