FaustTranslations.com rebrands to “DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR”

As of March 1, the Luxembourg-based translation company, FaustTranslations.com, will be operating as “DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR” (THE TRANSLATION AGENCY in English). With the name change, the company is also repositioning itself on the DACH market. The company’s new name describes exactly what the company does.

„We are an agency connecting business clients with dedicated expert translation teams. Our experienced project managers ensure that the appropriate expert translators meet the most stringent standards for localization and transcreation. Innovative new products such as LoLa, MAeX® & CO are exclusive to our agency and form the basis of our service. We provide a translation portal for ordering expert translations. It takes two minutes to initiate, after which you’re guaranteed direct communication with your team of dedicated linguists and your own production manager,“ says Christian Faust, the companys’ founder and CEO.

DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR offers a service that feels like you’re working with colleagues in the office next door, but without having to invest in IT or HR infrastructure. That’s why the company’s slogan is: “It’s like having an in-house team, only better.”

„We have been a professional and trusted partner in the translation industry for over 30 years. Our name is synonymous with outstanding expertise and absolute reliability. In addition to LoLa, MAeX® & CO, DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR is the first to offer vegan translations. It also supports organizations such as Save The Children and PETA, which operate on a global scale. We are also dedicated to implementing new employment models. DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR offers clients much more than a simple translation agency.“

DIE ÜBERSETZUNGSAGENTUR specializes in networking various specialty fields of expertise, including the technical, marketing, and e-commerce departments, as well as consulting services, for the different EU markets.

Christian Faust – CEO
“It’s like having an in-house team, only better”.


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