Livewords rebrands as Acolad: Netherlands interpreting and translation expert takes on Acolad logo

After its integration in the Acolad group in 2019, Livewords is now taking on the Acolad brand. This
rebranding – the second in a single year for Acolad, following that of Amplexor – is another landmark
in the group’s ambitious journey and strategy to become a leading global player, with a unified
communication and services strategy across the 25 countries it operates in.

Rebranding Livewords: a sure step for a stronger brand

Livewords’ services and expertise have proven perfect fit to Acolad’s strategy of becoming a global
one-stop shop for content and language services, with a portfolio built on complementarity and
excellence – and an end-goal of providing best-in-class services and solutions to its customers.
“Livewords’ expertise regarding the public sector, in particular, and their leadership position within
the interpreting market and technology were definitely a plus and strengthened our standing within
that specific vertical. Livewords’ talent pool is also truly enviable and we know having them on board
has been – and will continue to be – a true asset for our combined customer portfolio.” says Olivier
Marcheteau, Acolad’s CEO.

Expanded portfolio and reach

Having Netherlands’ largest Language Solution Provider in the group expanded its presence in the
BeNeLux region – and the rebranding will allow for having a single, unified identity and messaging
across that area.
On that topic, Denise Horan, Acolad’s GM for the BeNelux comments: “In addition to its leading
position in The Netherlands, which is quite a strategic market, Livewords brought an advanced
expertise in interpreting to the group, as 45% of its activity is dedicated to this service. Livewords also
enriched our portfolio with its proprietary interpreting technologies, which we have leveraged globally
– and will continue to do so.”

Our mission is to turn your content into value

Throughout the past years, Acolad’s positioning has evolved from being 100% focused on language
services, to accompanying its customers through their complete content lifecycle journey.
Acolad’s new motto, “turning your content into value”, illustrates how the group aims to stand out in
the content and language services market by providing industry-leading technological solutions and
24/7 high-quality services to its customers.


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