Win & Winnow Announces New Logo and Mottos

At Win & Winnow, we are making some changes to our brand image. In our new logo, the simplicity of the design symbolizes the maturity, experience, and growth we have gained over the past 20 years.

Livewords rebrands as Acolad: Netherlands interpreting and translation expert takes on Acolad logo

Livewords rebrands as Acolad: Netherlands interpreting and translation expert takes on Acolad logo

Unbabel Report Outlines “Native Language Effect” among Consumers

Unbabel, a San Francisco-based language operations platform, has released the results of its 2021 Global Multilingual Customer Experience Report, which breaks down the results...

How experiential marketing is gaining momentum

Experiential marketing is a tactic that goes beyond promoting a brand’s products or services. In this form of marketing, the consumer doesn’t sit passively and listen to the marketer’s message like in the case of traditional TV, radio and newspaper ads. This kind of marketing involves engaging the target customers thoroughly and exciting their five senses.

Umlauts and circumflexes and tildes, oh my

In localization circles, we frequently talk about the need to include fonts in what gets internationalized. Fonts have their own subliminal expressions — in the United States, for example, Times New Roman is considered a little stodgy, Courier New ironically old.

Things Are Looking Black For Boring Fridays Worldwide

"Sir, – Does Ireland have to still mimic everything the Americans do? We now have tiresome “Black Friday” retail promotions everywhere in Ireland." A letter...

Global Branding and those “Minority” Languages: Business Benefits

Superb article in the UK's Guardian newspaper about the business benefits of branding using what are often snottily referred to as "minority" languages: Basque, Cornish, Irish, Welsh,...

The Art of Global Brand Localization: Ain't No McJob*

The McDonalds McMór (mór means big or great in Gaeilge ) burger's introduction in Ireland has fallen foul of the local Food Safety Authority. It just wasn't artisan enough for...