Win & Winnow Announces New Logo and Mottos

At Win & Winnow, we are making some exciting changes to our brand image.

In our new logo, the chameleon remains our brand mascot, representing our 360 vision, adaptability, and dynamic and agile work style. The simplicity of the design symbolizes the maturity, experience, and growth we have gained over the past 20 years. This is reflected in the removal of the three dots from the chameleon, which used to represent our offices in Buenos Aires, New York, and São Paulo. But today, we are a global company! 

We also said goodbye to “Language Services” because, after 20 years, Win & Winnow is a recognized brand in its industry. And finally, we included a handwritten element, showing that we are present in every detail and that our solutions are tailored to our clients.

We have also reframed our purpose statement to better express our essence: “Improve lives through accessible information.” To achieve this purpose and work with it every day, we are officially presenting our four company mottos:

  • Be The Customer: To offer personalized solutions that adapt to our client’s unique needs.
  • Think Bigger: To push boundaries and always look for new growth opportunities.
  • Be Better: To commit to continuous improvement and a positive impact on people and the planet.
  • Work Smarter: To create a work environment built around trust, responsibility, and flexibility.
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