Win & Winnow renewed its carbon-neutral certification

Win & Winnow, a translation and localization company, proudly announces its renewed carbon-neutral certification. Demonstrating its unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, the company has taken proactive steps to offset its carbon emissions and pave the way for a better future.

By offering high-quality translations, interpreting services, and localization solutions, the company contributes to global communication and information accessibility. However, Win & Winnow understands that these activities have an environmental impact and is determined to counterbalance that impact. Moreover, as a company committed to becoming better for the world, Win & Winnow recognizes the importance that all companies and institutions around the globe minimize their environmental impact.

To uphold its carbon-neutral status, Win & Winnow has implemented a comprehensive sustainability strategy that focuses on measuring, reducing, and offsetting its carbon emissions. The company actively optimizes resource usage, minimizes waste generation, and embraces digital technologies, such as cloud-based platforms and paperless workflows. Furthermore, for the second year in a row, Win & Winnow has partnered with the environmental company The Carbon Sink and invested in a certified carbon offset project. Through this collaboration, the company supports the Corredor de los Cedros project that combats climate change, preserves biodiversity, and promotes local job opportunities in Jujuy, Argentina.

“We are thrilled to reaffirm our commitment as a carbon-neutral translation company. Sustainability is at the core of our values, and we believe it is our responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint while providing exceptional language solutions. By offsetting our carbon emissions, we ensure that our solutions have a net-zero impact on the environment. Plus, we are dedicated to incorporating environmentally conscious practices into our day-to-day operations and partnering fellow companies that actively work towards a more sustainable future,” said Cecilia Calonico, general manager at Win & Winnow Language Services

Win & Winnow’s carbon-neutral status aligns with its ongoing efforts to foster a culture of social and environmental responsibility. The company encourages its employees to adopt eco-friendly practices both inside and outside the workplace. Additionally, as a B Corporation, Win & Winnow actively engages its clients, partners, and stakeholders in sustainability initiatives that foster gender equality, DEI, well-being, and professional development.

About Win & Winnow:

Win & Winnow is a leading language solutions provider specializing in professional translation, interpreting services, and localization solutions. With a global network of linguists and a client-centric approach, Win & Winnow delivers accurate and culturally appropriate language services across various industries. As a certified Women-Owned Business and B Corp, we strive to make a positive economic, social and environmental impact. We are a carbon-neutral company, part of the UN Global Compact, and we align our sustainability practices with the Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more at

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