Former Google L&D communications head Laura Scott to give workshop

March 23, 2023 – The power of communication transcends borders, languages, and cultures. No matter where you are, the power of clarity will help individuals, whether in a business or a personal context, achieve better interpersonal synergy. Laura Scott has been at the forefront of communications leadership at Google for the past 17 years. Most recently, she headed Learning & Development in the Google Communications team for APAC and EMEA. 

Next to her impressive background at Google, she’s a certified leadership coach and executive presence & communications trainer. 

On March 30, she will be leading a workshop where she will share the valuable knowledge and wisdom that she gained over nearly two decades. “The Power of Clarity: Communicating Across Languages and Cultures” is a 45-minute workshop that will include valuable insights and hands-on experience to help leaders:

  • Create greater clarity in your communication to help you lead more effectively
  • Cut the filler words and jargon
  • Connect to your audience authentically

Laura’s international background of having truly lived and experienced vastly different cultures positions her as a true expert in cross-cultural communications and internationalization.

Some of her other titles at Google over the years included:

  • Comms Lead for Hardware & AI, Executive Media Trainer, and International Media Liaison
  • Communications Lead for Artificial Intelligence, Safety & Security & Exec Media Training, EMEA
  • External Relations Manager, Google Europe Middle East & Africa

“In 17+ years in Communications in Europe, Middle East & Africa and now Asia Pacific, I’ve found that leadership is all about communication. The words you say, how you say them and how they’re heard – they matter. A lot. They can motivate, influence and inspire people to act, or they can hold you back.”

Registration for free – there are still spots left.


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