Tobias Andersson appointed new Managing Director Global Talk Sweden

Sundsvall (SE) – Hengelo (NL), 1 November 2022 – Tobias Andersson has been appointed Managing Director at Global Talk Sweden from 1st November. He joins from Telia Company, the Nasdaq listed telecom player and market leader in the Nordic and the Baltic States. Andersson has held several positions at Telia such as Head of Vertical Sales, Managing Director of a subsidiary in the UK and Partner Director. Andersson succeeds Mohammad Khanahmadi, one of the founders of Tolkresurs, founded in 2009 and acquired by Global Talk in 2019.
Astrid van Rossum, CEO Global Talk: “We are delighted with the arrival of Tobias Andersson. Tobias is the right person to help develop and grow Global Talk in Sweden. The eventual departure of Mohammad Khanahmadi was already decided when we acquired Tolkresurs 3 years ago. He leaves behind a thriving and growing interpreting agency for which, we are very grateful to him.”
Mohammad Khanahmadi: “When I started, I never imagined that 13 years later there would be such a strong company standing as part of an international interpreting agency. It was a wonderful adventure that I look back on with great pleasure. Global Talk has a bright future ahead of it in Sweden. Especially now that a new matching platform will be implemented, and we are one of the preferred suppliers of the newly awarded contract of Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Public Employment Service).”
Global Talk provides customized services in addition to interpreting services. Such as the apps Global Talk has developed together with clients in different countries. One example is the Global Talk Care app for Flemish healthcare launched in Belgium earlier this year. The translations in the app are verified by medical specialists and interpreters and allows caregivers to communicate with patients in 12 languages. Or the somewhat longer-established Ambulance Interpreters app in the Netherlands that allows ambulance staff to call in an interpreter at the touch of a button, within one minute, without the intervention of a call center.
Tobias Andersson: “With Global Talk, we want to grow significantly in Sweden. In everything, we are prepared to do so. Like no other, we can quickly set up an interpreter with the state-of-the-art technology. In government, we are a well-known player. But we will also increase our efforts in other sectors. I feel very energized and excited for the opportunities that lies ahead together with my Global Talk colleagues.”
Global Talk operates in the Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium and has a turnover of over €45 million, ranking 36th on the 2022 Slator Language Service Provider Index (LSPI). The LSPI is a ranking of the world’s largest language service providers ranked by revenue. In recent years, Global Talk has been one of the fastest-growing language service providers in the world.
About Global Talk
With over 45 years of experience and over 4,000 interpreters and translators in 200 languages, Global Talk provides interpreting services to every sector, enabling people to understand each other and bridge language and cultural differences. The company uses the latest technology where possible and deploys experts where necessary. Our interpreters operate in places and situations as diverse as educational institutions, municipal offices, hospitals and in interrogations. Global Talk’s fastest service ensures that an interpreter is on the phone to interpret immediately within 1 minute, 24/7. All interpreters and culture experts are extensively screened and have considerable experience in their field. Global Talk is active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. Until May 2020, Global Talk was known as TVcN in the Netherlands and as Tolkresurs in Sweden.
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