Interpreters Unlimited Named Top 35 Largest Interpreting Service Provider

SAN DIEGO, October 7, 2021 — Interpreters Unlimited (IU) has been named to the Top 35 Largest Interpreting Service Providers List (Worldwide) by Nimdzi. Nimdzi is a market research and international consulting company with an extensive and diverse background in the language and localization industry, as well as in international business. This year IU made the list at #22 globally and #12 in the US. Nimdzi has previously recognized IU by naming them to their Top 100 Largest Language Service Providers Lists over the past 3 consecutive years.

For the Top 35 Nimdzi focused on Language Service Providers (LSP) with $4 million or more in revenue. Collaborating with in country experts, their teams researched and spoke directly to each company’s management to obtain and verify estimates of their size. This list concentrated on interpreting revenue exclusively, on-site in person interpretingvideo remote interpreting (VRI), over the phone interpreting (OPI), conference interpretingsign language interpreting, equipment rental for interpreting and similar services. It did not include services such as document translationlocalization or transcription.

“The data indicate that, despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the largest interpreting providers reported significant growth over the last two years. The combined  interpreting revenue of companies comprising the top 35 positions in 2020 rose 14.4% compared to the combined interpreting revenues of the top 33 listed in 2018.” -Nimdzi

Interpreters Unlimited partners and contracts with many organizations in healthcareeducationgovernmentinsurance etc. They also work independently with any private company or business that has a need for language services, whether it’s in person or via video or phone, whether it’s a one off need or a long term relationship. One of the few LSP’s that has business in nearly every state in the US as well as internationally, IU has an extremely diverse group of active clients.

While the Nimdzi ranking labels IU’s core interpreting business as on-site and in person, COVID-19 fast tracked the expansion of their video remote and over the phone interpreting. As COVID brought challenges to every company in the industry, threatening growth and stability, remote services, especially video interpreting, kept IU and the industry going.

IU is always integrating and embracing technology and had a video remote program already in use while focusing on in person on-site interpreting pre-COVID. As an app-based company using their own proprietary software in their processes, IU already incorporates a range of tech in their daily operations, so they were prepared to make the complete switch to video and phone when COVID hit. This kept them a step ahead of many competitors and ensured they were not left behind scrambling to respond. They shifted models almost seamlessly right out of the gate and never looked back.

Interpreters Unlimited COO Shamus Sayed commented, “We are thrilled to make this list during the COVID-era that we are experiencing. With COVID vaccination rates increasing and infection rates decreasing, on-site interpreting is coming back, and with our additional volume of video remote and over the phone interpreting we are excited about the anticipated growth in 2022.”

Nimdzi typically releases a complete analysis of the size and state of the industry at the same time as the list. This year Nimdzi released the list first and say that the full report, including analysis of market trends, growth patterns, and the impact of COVID-19 on the interpreting market in 2020 and beyond, will be coming soon. You can find the Top 35 ranking and read more about the state of the interpreting market here:

For more information about Interpreters Unlimited, Inc., please visit or call 800-726-9891.

About Interpreters Unlimited, Inc.

The IU Group of companies include: Interpreters Unlimited, Accessible Communication for the DeafAlbors & AlnetArkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators, and IU GlobeLink, LLC, and are headquartered in San Diego, California as a minority-owned company.  IU Group is committed to providing equal opportunity in the work environment with its diverse team to aid in supplying linguistic and cultural interpretation services to clients. A combined 70 years in the industry has demonstrated a surplus of leadership and best practices, which has helped establish its respected role in the language services community. Its services include interpretation, document translation and non-emergency medical transportation.

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