John Snow Labs Named Databricks Growth Data Partner of the Year

Company Recognized for Growing Adoption of its State-of-the-Art Models and Datasets, Empowering Customers with Best-in-Class AI Solutions

John Snow Labs, the AI for healthcare company, today announced that it has been honored as the 2024 Databricks Growth Data Partner of the Year. The award was presented at the annual Data + AI Summit. As a longstanding partner of Databricks, ​​John Snow Labs has been critical to building and delivering customers state-of-the-art AI solutions for the healthcare and life science industries. 

The awards highlight the growing adoption and standout customer success achieved in collaboration with Databricks’ technology, consulting, and system integration partners, bringing deep industry-specific expertise and solutions to organizations around the globe.

Expanding on these solutions, John Snow Labs released new state-of-the-art, ready-to-use healthcare AI models, which are now available in the Databricks Marketplace. In a joint session with Databricks titled “Unlocking New AI Use Cases with Sharing,” the company will share details of the new models along with best practices so practitioners can quickly put them to good use.

Another session at the event’s Healthcare Innovation Showcase highlights the recommended architecture for running these healthcare-specific large language models (LLMs) on Databricks, meeting security and compliance requirements, while remaining efficient and scalable.

Finally, John Snow Labs will also present its latest contributions to the open source AI community at the summit. “State-of-the-Art Retrieval Augmented Generation at Scale in Spark NLP,” co-presented by the company’s CTO David Talby and Head of Data Science Veysel Kocaman, explores how practitioners can deploy retrieval augmented generation (RAG) at scale using Spark NLP, avoiding challenges with complex pre- and post-processing pipelines needed when going from proof-of-concept to production.

“Our work with John Snow Labs brings best-in-class technology to our global customers  building the future of data and AI,” said Michael Sanky, Global Industry Lead of Healthcare & Life Sciences, Databricks. “As proven by this recognition, contributions to the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform and participation in this year’s Data + AI Summit, together, we are driving innovation that is enabling hundreds of organizations to unleash the power of AI. We congratulate John Snow Labs on this well-deserved honor and look forward to continuing our partnership.” 

“At John Snow Labs, our mission is to accelerate progress in healthcare. That means continually innovating, improving, and delivering state-of-the-art, production-ready software to customers worldwide,” said David. “Through our collaboration with Databricks, we are able to amplify our efforts, enabling more teams to put AI to good use faster.”

Click here to see John Snow Labs’ sessions at the Data + AI Summit. To learn more about the company, visit: 

About John Snow Labs

John Snow Labs, the AI for healthcare company, provides state-of-the-art software, models, and data to help healthcare and life science organizations put AI to good use. Developer of Spark NLP, Healthcare NLP, the Healthcare GPT LLM, the Generative AI Lab No-Code Platform, and the Medical Chatbot, John Snow Labs’ award-winning medical AI software powers the world’s leading pharmaceuticals, academic medical centers, and health technology companies. Creator and host of The NLP Summit, the company is committed to further educating and advancing the global AI community.

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