Lokalise Expands Its Global Focus to the Environment by Going Carbon Neutral

Boston, US/ London, UK/ Riga, Latvia – February 7, 2022 – Lokalise, the leading continuous localization platform, today announced it is going carbon neutral.
Lokalise exists to help companies communicate with their customers all over the world. A prosperous global economy is key to their continued success and it’s this global perspective that compelled the company to take action in fighting climate change starting this year.
As a fully remote company, Lokalise has advantages in going carbon neutral by not having to build or support office space or the commutes that accompany in-office work routines. In addition to being part of the Stripe Climate initiative which takes a percentage of revenue and uses it to fund carbon removal, Lokalise will review its carbon footprint on a quarterly basis, look for ways to reduce it, and buy extra carbon offsets for anything that isn’t covered through Stripe Climate.
This environmental commitment also led to changes in company policies: encouraging train travel over air travel when possible, enabling employees to donate a percentage of their home office budget to planting trees, and instituting a preference for vendors that share the commitment to reduce carbon in the atmosphere.
“Instead of going carbon neutral in several years from now as part of the mainstream, we wanted to take action immediately and show that it can be done without delay,” said Petr Antropov, Co-Founder and CRO of Lokalise. “Our customers and employees will also benefit from the confidence that our global efforts extend beyond text on a screen and also affect the environment in a positive way.”
More details about Lokalise’s environmental efforts can be found in the following blog post: https://lokalise.com/blog/carbon-neutral-localization/




About Lokalise
Lokalise is a continuous localization platform that streamlines the translation and localization process and collaboration between developers, designers, translators, and project managers. APIs, SDKs, and plug-and-play connectors automate data input from prototyping platforms to production. Lokalise is a fully remote company founded in 2017 that has 2,500 customers from 80 countries, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.
For more information, visit https://lokalise.com/ and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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