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Human Touch 

Patrizia Boglione, Brand & Creative VP at Translated

Patrizia Boglione shares the creative vision and philosophy behind Translated’s award-winning short film, Human Touch.

Why Human Touch?

We wanted to further our affirmation “We Believe In Humans” and the role humans play in leading the evolution of technology. In the ever-evolving realm of creativity, language has historically served as the primary means of communication. However, a deeper exploration of different cultures reveals the importance of incorporating cultural understanding alongside language in creating authentic connections with diverse audiences. By taking language out of the equation and focusing on non-verbal communication, we wanted to showcase the role of cultural understanding. The beginning of the creative concept is marked by a fundamental insight – nothing translates a human like a human – to emphasize that non-verbal communication has a unique power and that this is still the domain of humans: machines are just not there yet

What about the making of the film?

Human Touch emphasizes the profound importance of the unspoken, which emerges as a universal idea that changes from culture to culture. It was therefore crucial to prioritize the involvement of local creatives from the very beginning of our new brand campaign. Working with people from different cultures added authenticity, depth, and a unique perspective to our creative efforts. The selection process for scenes, actors, and situations was meticulous and deliberate, with a strong focus on cultural localization to ensure that the film resonated globally. Each scene and situation was designed and localized to be appreciated in over 100 countries, emphasizing universal human experiences while respecting cultural nuances. By infusing worldwide-ready content with genuine local flavor, our ultimate aim is to create distinctive short films tailored to resonate with the nuances of each specific culture

How did the audience react?

With this short film, we were able to put translation, culture, and our industry center stage, not to mention the irreplaceable value of human beings, a principle we’ve been following at Translated for the past 25 years. Today, it is more alive than ever. The public response to “Human Touch” has been overwhelmingly positive. We have partners and clients who love it, we won numerous creative awards, and it was considered one of the best campaigns of the year.

About Patrizia Boglione 

Patrizia works as Brand & Creative VP at Translated where she focuses her activity on strategy, branding, and cross-culture intelligence. She developed her career in communication at McCann Erickson and in branding at Angelini Design, where she was a strategic creative director working for the Italian, European, and Asian markets. 

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