Ewandro Magalhães

Global Language Strategist at Nimdzi Insights

Author, Consultant, Educator, Founder

Brasilia, Brazil

Being voted a top influencer in the field of language services is perhaps the greatest distinction I have received in the 30+ years I have been in this space. It acknowledges the contributions I made as an interpreter, author, speaker, trainer, mentor, C-level executive, co-founder, and technology advocate.

It also reflects the generosity of my peers, whose achievements have often been greater than mine, and I thank my colleagues for their support.

The language industry is undergoing unprecedented changes. Some of those challenges may seem existential in nature, with some projecting grim scenarios of loom and doom. In such trying times, vision and guidance are needed like never before. And that is what some of the trailblazers featured in this publication have been and continue to be to so many of us. I feel extremely privileged to be placed in that group and to have provided part of that guidance, albeit imperfectly, to colleagues all over the world, through my writings, seminars, and example. It is a tale of ordinary made extraordinary, through wonder, camaraderie, disruption, uncertainties, and the courage to face it all.

I am beyond grateful for that recognition.



Ewandro is a fantastic mentor. His book and TED talks have provided invaluable insights and perspectives.

As a professional, entrepreneur, and sportsman, I have true admiration for Ewandro. But what really struck me the most is how approachable and caring he is.


By Tucker Johnson

Ewandro leverages over 30 years of experience in multilingual communication to foster connections across cultural and linguistic divides. Having authored viral TED talks, he wields the power of storytelling to bring people together. Formerly the Chief Language Officer at KUDO, Ewandro helped build a platform enabling online meetings in multiple languages. With extensive interpreting expertise, he has facilitated understanding between professionals worldwide. As an innovative leader devoted to bridging gaps and taking businesses global, Ewandro serves as an influential voice guiding individuals and brands seeking to authentically engage international audiences.


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