Indy Vega

CEO at CCI Group

CEO, Founder

Windermere, Florida, USA

Being recognized as an “influencer” carries a significant responsibility, and I am deeply honored to be included in the 2024 MultiLingual Influencer List. Being nominated alongside others who I admire tremendously is a huge privilege. This is not only a mark of recognition for our work and our personal brands, but also a testament to the impact we collectively strive to make in our field.

After completing the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program in 2023, I was inspired to steer CCI Group in a new direction. Moving beyond providing standard linguistic services — a domain well-covered by many excellent companies — I envisioned a role where our work could drive significant global impact. Now, CCI Group specializes in delivering top-tier language services uniquely designed to support organizations dedicated to fostering democratic values and promoting a world that is free, peaceful, and prosperous. Our mission is to ensure that their messages not only reach, but also resonate with diverse audiences worldwide. This is not just a business for us; it’s a way to contribute to a greater cause, helping voices be heard and understood across different cultures and linguistic communities through multilingual communication.

I firmly believe that linguistic and cultural awareness services are fundamental in addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges. They play an instrumental role in reducing conflict, curbing the spread of pandemic diseases, and diminishing factors that contribute to violence, instability, transnational crime, and various security threats. My heart is fully invested in this mission, and my team is constantly reminded of the importance of our work. This awareness is not taken lightly; it is a source of motivation and a reminder of our potential to make meaningful contributions to these global challenges. Our work is more than a profession; it’s a mission to effect positive change on a global scale.



Indy Vega possesses a unique blend of linguistic expertise and business acumen.

Indy Vega is a great visionary and businesswoman who builds bridges between communities. She helps make the world a better place.

Indy Vega has opened doors for thousands to help them feel a sense of belonging.

Indy’s journey as a self-made entrepreneur is super inspiring. Her determination and resilience are remarkable achievements worth acknowledging.

Indy shares her successes without boasting; instead, she does it with humility and a contagious joy that translates into a learning experience.


By Ingrid Christensen

Indy is an industry mover! She has leapt into the government contracting universe and is forging her way fast and furiously into countless contracts. She is a well-admired leader, determined to see great success for her company.


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