CCI Group and accessiBe Announce a Strategic Partnership

Orlando, Florida, March 2024 – CCI Group, a leading entity in Interpretation & Translation Services, revealed today its partnership with accessiBe, the market leader in web accessibility. CCI Group is now a proud member of the accessiBe Partner Program, designed to empower web and digital agencies, freelance developers and marketers, website and e-commerce builders, hosting services, and others with the tools necessary to ensure their clients’ websites are accessible to individuals with various disabilities. Through this collaboration, CCI Group gains access to accessiBe’s AI-powered solution, accessWidget, enabling them to create websites for their customers that are not only user-friendly but also ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliant.

AccessWidget offers 24-hour automatic maintenance scans of new and updated content and provides monthly compliance audits. Creating an accessible website not only aligns with ethical considerations but also enhances the brand’s reputation, expands the consumer base to disability communities comprising over one billion people globally, and reduces the risk of legal action.

“Joining the accessiBe Partner Program was a straightforward decision for us,” said Indy Vega, CEO of CCI Group. “We are excited to offer our clients the ability to make their websites inclusive to everyone, ensuring compliance and mitigating legal risks.”

“We are dedicated to collaborating with professionals, from web agencies to freelance developers and marketers, equipping them with the tools needed to open their clients’ websites to disability communities,” stated Shir Ekerling, co-founder and co-CEO of accessiBe. “We are delighted to partner with CCI Group to assist their customers in achieving and maintaining web accessibility—a crucial aspect of participating in global inclusion efforts.”

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