Maria Malykhina

Production Manager at Technolex Translation Studio

Team Leader, Volunteer

Kyiv, Ukraine

For a devoted reader, MultiLingual magazine in the world of localization is like Forbes in the rest of the business world. Being featured here does feel like a true achievement.

Since 2010, I have been searching for my spot in the universe of language services, trying out different roles. Translation, editing, and management challenges on my way made me look for creative solutions, invent non-standard approaches, and browse through style guides thousands pages long in search of answers.

Most of my localization time has been devoted to Technolex, a company I cannot but admire after 10 years together. The top management team who accepted me at the beginning were magnificent examples to follow and learn from, so I was lucky finding myself in a place perfect for professional development.

Visiting international industry events as a company representative, I have had even more luck meeting amazing people. These acquaintances often turn into partnerships, and sometimes develop into intercultural friendships. In times of war in Ukraine, I am happy to have my invincible team on one side and my good friends from all over the world on the other. This, I believe, is one of the greatest gifts I got from my profession.

Another source of wisdom, support, and inspiration for me is the Women in Localization Ukraine Chapter, where together with the incredible board members, I volunteer as the chapter event manager. Looking back at the time we shared, I am grateful to my fellow women in localization for all the fun we shared with our community, and to myself for being brave enough to have joined the organization in the first place.

The past year was the most successful for Technolex, and by far the most challenging for me as the team member and production manager. It challenged my soft and hard skills by multiple conditions, leading me to a new level where I know I have to learn further, try harder, be ready for more. And it is also where I know I am in the right place, whatever the future holds.



Maria is a guiding voice of Ukrainian women who presents localization business through the prism of the war. Very insightful, incredibly strong, a true inspiration.

Maria Malykhina rocks!


By Daniela D’Amato

Maria is a fighter, and she loves the localization industry to the bone. What makes Maria unique is her character: she is resilient, always smiling, and not afraid of speaking her mind. You will see her in meetings with a drive, strength, and self-control that amazes me every time.


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